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The Enel Formula E partnership


In 2016, Enel and Formula E partnered “to take people’s perception of racing into the future”, adding the power of green energy to a highly technological, competitive motorsport.
As creative and strategic consultants we supported Enel since the beginning of this new adventure, defining their brand positioning within the partnership.
We created a specific implementation of their corporate identity for all activities in the world of Formula E, producing a wide range of communication tools that stemmed from that common ground but varied greatly in terms of media, target audiences and communication requirements.

The Booth
Giving Enel a real presence at the E-Prix

We provided a new concept for the user journey within the existing booth design and defined the visual system of the partnership between Enel and Formula E. Our mix of content and interaction was meant to attract, support communication activities and enhance brand awareness during the race.

To explain how each E-Prix is a testing ground for Enel’s technological innovation, we created a metaphorical urban environment where the main road begins as the circuit track of an electric car race, then gradually turns into a smart city’s main street. The cutting-edge solutions that make Formula E races so exciting turn into the smart products and services that make people’s life better.
The Particle App
Introducing “open energy” to people

With the aim of making energy visible – almost tangible – we displayed real-time data collected by Enel’s advanced monitoring technologies in an interactive and engaging way.

A swarm of dots that visually represent energy flows changes shape and color to showcase data received from smart meters installed around the circuit, but also respond to visitors’ simple gestures thanks to Kinect technology.
The Energy Simulator
Explaining “peak shaving”

We created an interactive, educational simulator, triggered by physical tokens, to give visitors a playful way to understand the impact of their energy choices and how the smart grid is able to optimize consumption.

At the New York City E-Prix, we needed to explain what Demand Energy’s intelligent energy storage technology was all about: so we built a simulator that lets users manage the energy demand of an average house, merging physical experience with digital interaction.
Users switch electrical devices on and off by moving tokens on a physical tray, seeing the energy curve re-adjust depending on whether or not Demand Energy’s storage is connected to the grid.
The Energy App
Presenting complex energy innovations

One of the core elements we worked with during the project was data: for each E-Prix, Enel installs a set of smart meters collecting live data on energy consumption within the race, to be used by Enel engineers to design even more efficient energy solutions. Our challenge was to use the Energy App to distill figures the general audience could engage with and instantly understand.

We designed the app starting from the smallest – yet most exciting – element, the Formula E race car. Wanting users to explore the 3D space, we developed the scene in a shader-based webGL environment. To get the most realistic look, we applied PBR materials and HDR lighting maps to the car. In contrast, we gave the space around the car a more minimal look with a custom toon shader.
Enel made an extremely varied set of information available: energy aspects of the race, technical specs of the cars, community projects, services promoting e-mobility. We treated all content so that users could visualize it through the same “flashcard” layout, always making sure the most technical data was associated with a simple comparison, allowing the audience to relate with the figures.
The Grid Game
Engaging with people waiting in line

We designed and developed the “Grid Game”, inspired by “Where’s Waldo”, to entertain visitors at the booth while conveying small bits of information about Enel’s activities and goals. People responded so well that Enel asked us to make the game available online.

We envisioned a futuristic smart city, customized for each E-Prix by adding new features and characters. The buildings in the forefront are the main landmarks of the host city, and targets – from Mexican luchadores to race pilots, from street artists to school kids – often reveal information about Enel’s projects in the country or area.

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