Fabio Franchino

Co-founder & CTO

With fifteen years of computational design experience and extensive IT knowledge, Fabio leads TODO’s software development team from a vantage point at the crossroads of design and coding. He scouts the best software technologies to constantly expand the firm’s capabilities so we can provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients, also by optimizing internal processes with Agile management methods.

His approach stems from a deep-rooted interest in creative disciplines, ranging from music to design, from performing to generative arts. In 2008 he conceived CSTEM, the first event devoted to computational design practices in art and design in Italy. A keen educator, Fabio has always been involved in teaching and lecturing at several institutions and workshops. He currently holds teaching positions at SUPSI, Lugano (interaction design at MAIND Master Program), Big Dive Intensive Training Program, Turin (data visualization), and European Institute of Design, Turin (interface design).